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Stay cloud-ready and get practical tips on Microsoft 365 and Azure. Learn how to better collaborate and save costs with Microsoft 365 as a cloud-only solution.

Updated on: 2024-07-02

Contributions for SaaS solutions, Microsoft 365 and Azure

enterprise e1 e3 e5 licenses eea
As a result of a dispute between the EU Commission and Microsoft over the integration of Teams, EU customers will have to pay EUR 3 more for the new EEA plans.
Reading time ca. 4 minutes
azure virtual desktop save cost
Using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) with Windows 10/11 Enterprise Multi-Session you can save money. Through AVD optimization, you can half these costs.
Reading time ca. 6 minutes
microsoft azuread intune defender
Independence from the on-prem network by using Azure AD for user management, Intune for device management and Defender for device protection and app security.
Reading time ca. 5 minutes
microsoft teams sharepoint onedrive
Optimal collaboration in your company through Teams Chat and video telephony. Storage of corporate data on SharePoint and personal data on OneDrive.
Reading time ca. 4 minutes
microsoft 365 plans comparison
An overview of the Microsoft 365 licences can be found in the drawings below. There is a logical explanation of the structure and functionality of the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans.
Reading time ca. 6 minutes
windows 365 vs avd
Windows 10/11 including settings, data and apps are in the Azure cloud and users can access them from any device with a browser.
Reading time ca. 5 minutes
jira servicedesk confluence
Jira Service Management (former Service Desk) is a web-based help desk software that allows you to effectively manage your customer service requests.
Reading time ca. 3 minutes
azure filestorage account
Azure Storage is an additional storage and an alternative for SharePoint. SharePoint storage increase is very expensive and limited to 25 TB.
Reading time ca. 4 minutes
office365 vs workspace
Which cloud service is better for your company in terms of collaboration, functionality and pricing?
Reading time ca. 6 minutes
google workspace
Google Workspace offers innovative apps for everyday office work and communication. Access is simple via the browser.
Reading time ca. 3 minutes

Contributions about on-premises hardware

linux pxe boot server
Almost all computers, such as laptop, thin client, workstation, server with an integrated network adapter, can boot over the network.
Reading time ca. 5 minutes
pfsense throughput test
7.65 Gbits/sec pfSense TCP throughput with 10Gbit network adapter Intel 10GbE X550-T2 after the default installation.
Reading time ca. 4 minutes
download firmware dd wrt e900
We have been offering such firmware for Linksys WRT54GL for about 10 years and have been rewarded by many users with recommendations, links and donations.
Reading time ca. 5 minutes
php javascript ip resolution time
This script shows the resolution of Browser in smartphone, tablet or PC window that you can use for your homepage.
Reading time ca. 5 minutes
umzug karlsruhe stutensee
After 13 years in Frankenthal (Pfalz) we moved to Stutensee near Karlsruhe on the 1st of August 2016.
Reading time ca. 2 minutes

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